No Movie Is Complete Without a Snack

Pick up yours at our concession stand in Saco, ME

What's the only thing better than enjoying your favorite movie? If you answered, "enjoying your favorite movie with a snack," you'd be correct! The Saco Drive-In has a concession stand that offers a wide selection of incredible items for you to choose from.

Whether you want something from the snack bar or from the popcorn machine, we'll help you find whatever you're craving. Visit our concession stand and snack bar at our Saco, ME drive-in theater to see our full selection of items.

Find something to satisfy your cravings

We've got all of your favorite food and drink items at our concession stand. You can expect to find:

→ Popcorn

→ Fried Dough

→ Chicken Bites

→ Churros

→ French fries

→ Soft Pretzel Sticks

→ Candy

→ Soda

→ Gatorade

→ Water

With options like these, you're sure to find something you can't get enough of.