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Visit our drive-in movie theater in Saco, ME

Catch a Film From The Comfort of Your Car

Take a trip to our local drive-in theater in Saco, ME

Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theater? If not, here's your chance. The Saco Drive-In is your local drive-in theater in the Saco, ME area. Whether you're looking to watch a movie outdoors with your favorite person or grab some popcorn and relax after a long day, you can do it all here.

Call 207-282-3112 today to learn about our movie selection.

Visit the second oldest drive-in theater in the country

Our drive-in movie theater first opened in 1939. We're proud to offer our community a unique, enjoyable movie-watching experience for people of all ages. We show films of all genres from dusk till dawn. Whether you're coming with friends or family, you're sure to have a great time at our

Grab a bite to eat at our concession stand

While our movies are top-notch, we take pride in offering some great food and beverage options as well. You'll be able to enjoy:

Fried Dough


Chicken Fries



French Fries



We've got so much more that we can't fit here. To learn more about our local drive-in theater's concession options, get in touch with us today.