Going to the Drive In was a special treat we did with the kids. A decent price for seeing two movies while being outside or in the car. The kids liked to bring chairs and sit next to the car.
Kate Savidge
Classic Drive-in experience! A fantastic way to spend a summer evening in Southern Maine. Decent deals on double features, and frequently hosting younique movie events. This place is a staple in the Saco area.
The screen quality is great but you or your family will need a comfortable spot in your vehicle because that is the hardest thing, and I don't suggest a blow up matress unless it has support so it won't pop, all SUV's are great you'll just need some blankets, car honestly just sit back and look through the windshield.
Drive-in theaters are fun. Great picture as long as you can clean your windshield and it doesn't rain.
J Finnimore
Saw the Fash there and it was wonderful. It brought back memories of going to the drive in, in the 70's and early 80's
jason gomez

It all started here for me in the late 80s when I came with friends to watch the original "Die Hard" and "Batteries not Included". One of the last Drive Ins around! The folks who run this place do an amazing job and have kept this place going. Great movie selection, good assortment of hot food and drinks. Nice family atmosphere. I have frequented this place since a child and now bring my own family several times per season. My favorite high school history teacher use to run the old projector (RIP Mr. Galbraith) and it was always great to see him here. A couple years back I joined the local car club for a private showing of "Fast and Furious" which was super cool. Looking forward to many return visits!

Karl Morlock
Very good pricing. Great screen quality quality for a drive in. Concessions are reasonable and yes they take plastic. We love the saco drive in!
Troy K
Epic. So glad they are here. Excellent show. Nice environment. Friendly staff
Bryan Oliver
Great having a local drive-in - my favorite way to see a movie! They could up their game with snacks, but otherwise great spot.
Trisha Marie
Classic drive in. Good selection of snacks. $20 a car for 2 movies. Can't be beat.
Rebecca Holmes
Thankfully, since other places have closed down, Saco Drive-in was available this weekend and we were able to spend a family night out while all remaining safe during this time of COVID. I purchased a vehicle ticket online which was easily scanned at the gate for a super easy entrance experience. Their snack bar was open although we did not make any purchases there. I would highly recommend this drive-in. Clean, quiet, and all around great place for family nights this summer! Bring something to do while waiting for the movie like a Frisbee or a ball to toss and make it an even more family involved outing!
Cyndi Tucci
Had a fun time taking my nephew to see some 80's classics and to the drive in for the first time ever. He had a great time and so did I.
Joseph Fadoir

Have had such a great time here. Would recommend to anyone of all ages. Summer nostalgia at its finest. Love the new stuff and the throwback selections too.

Great customer service as well if you have any questions or purchasing issues.

Brandon Ascher

Good set up, nice that they have a snack bar and restrooms. It was really busy even on a Thursday but that's not unexpected. The radio signal was iffy for us but we could still hear it from the speakers and other people's cars clear enough when we turned ours off, and we were on the opposite side from the speakers at the snack bar

Owen Bradley
Just great to be in back of your trunk watching a great movie. Also good to take your kids pay by the car. Most people can't do much with there children because it cost to much. Please don't sell out to out of states they just want to destroy maine. They have take everything from there state and now want to do our. We need to stop them before we have no more beauty
Donna Currier
Fun drive-in experience. Highly recommend. Easy in and out. Excellent sound system.
Matthew Valentinas
Going to the drive in is my version of camping. I adore this place and have been going for years. The last two years, though, me and the fam go every weekend we can possibly go. That's how much fun we have. It's at a great location, just off 95, with plenty of food and convenience before you get to the drive in. There is a food and snack bar with plenty of choices and decent bathrooms. The price is unbeatable. This is the best way to see movies with my little, hands down. Don't ever change Saco Drive In.
Mary LaRusso

Do yourself a favor and go see MANY movies here. They have a digital setup that gives a nice clear picture. The people that work there seem to genuinely love it. The concession prices aren't bad either. You can get a whole pizza for about 9 bucks. FILL YOUR CAR WITH PEOPLE AND GO!!!

Don Mowatt

I love this drive in! You can't get a better deal than this if you're looking to see a movie. The main downside is the late start time that's necessary in the summer because of the light, but nothing beats the experience of the drive in. There's plenty of parking spots, but it does get pretty busy on weekend nights. There's a snack bar and restrooms available.

Abbie Boyd
This is a pretty good drive-in. The screen is decent and the projector is recently updated. The movie selection is usually really good through the summer and aside from one time, when the snack bar was understaffed on a Wednesday, the concessions are good as well. If you like an outdoor movie experience then I do suggest the Saco Drive-in.
Adam Booker
Wonderful time with family enjoying a nostalgic visist to a place I use to frequent as a kid. Great parking very good sound. June 30 Incredibles 2 great weather..... Thanks to all that work at the drive-in and all your efforts to continue to make this an enjoyable experience.
Tim Milne

This is an absolute gem of a place in Saco Maine. If you haven't been here before I cannot recommend coming here more. The nostalgic atmosphere is wonderful!

I try and make it at least once a summer sometimes more. Bring some chairs, blankets and some bug spray for this experience. This is a great spot to bring the whole family, friends and all!

The only complaint is that the popcorn is usually stale and the snack shack doesn't have the best food so I would advise bringing your own, if you plan to stay for the double feature. Their prices are very reasonable though so swing in grab a soda an ice cream bar and some candy!

Aavery Mundt
Awesome experience. One of only a handful of drive-ins that I have seen in years. Great picture and sound. Great prices. Wonderful movies. Concession stand a little pricy, but that should be expected. Fun time had by the entire family.
Edward Z
Reminded me of the Skyview theater in Brockton when I was a kid. Like literally, even the concession shack was from 1981. It was glorious. If only they were showing Time Bandits or Raiders of The Lost Ark I would have lost my mind. Plus staying in your car is covid friendly! Bring enough bug spray to sterilize an elephant, though. They are relentless. Maybe you can get one of those burning coil thingies from 1981 to keep them away.
Tony M.
Food was a little expensive and unfortunately the quality is not great. However, I love this place so I won't take away points for that. Listen guys you really need to get better quality burgers, unfortunately more fillers than meat just doesn't cut it. Nobody likes textured vegetable protein!!!!
Scott Anderson
Great drive in for a fair price. I would give one start to some of the other customers that go here. Wish there was a way to ban people that insist on leaving there lights on during the movie.
Matthew McKenna
This place is a great place to go very affordable for a family two great movies for one low price awesome staff
Travis Meserve
My first time at a drive in. Thought it was great. Convid made it so we had more space than normal, but i thought that was great. Good experience and my kids are itching to go again.
Bryan Carle
Cute tiny drive in. Very organized in getting everyone parked and able to view the screen.
Cody Doyle
One if THE best date night spots in southern Maine. I wish more people would come here. Maybe a classic car night here could be fun? All around just a fun time.
Timothy Morris