Playing Friday June 16th and Saturday June 17th

Playing Friday June 16th and Saturday June 17th: Cars 3 (G) and Beauty and the Beast. Cars 3 will play at approx. 8:50 with Beauty and the Beast following at approx. 10:45. Gates open by 6:45, tickets are $15 for 3 or less people per car/$20 for 4 or more people per car.

6/12 UPDATE: We are sorry to inform everybody that we just got word that we will NOT be able to show Wonder Woman for all of you this weekend. We are working on a replacement booking to play with Cars 3 right now and will update as soon as we hear back from our booker. Once again, our sincerest apologies but this matter is out of our hands.

6/12 UPDATE 2: Replacement film is Beauty and the Beast. We are still working with the distributor to secure a future showing of Wonder Woman, please stay tuned!